9 Mom-Inspired Beauty Buys That Beat Flowers


Flower shops may be filling up to fill orders for Mother’s Day, but a bushel of roses isn’t the best way to make a mom feel special. Either is another Turkish bathrobe or espresso taster set. What is? A thoughtful beauty splurge that Mom would never think to pick out for herself but will make her feel especially glamorous and say “I love you” or “thanks for all that you do” or even “you deserve some alone time”—or all of the above. These floral-inspired treats fit the bill:

md_skiifteSK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition ($205)
The iconic brand partnered up with modern Taiwanese artist Po Chih Huang to dress up the bottle of its cult-inspiring serum. Cate Blanchett swears by the treatment, which is made with the brand’s signature ingredient, Pitera; the serum bolsters any moisturizer; and makes skin feel soft, not sticky or tight. Call it a facelift in a bottle.

md_hanaemoriperfumeHanae by Hanae Mori ($115)
Ultra feminine notes of Sicilian bergamot, black currant, orange blossom and rose tea make this a scent that’s not too Momsy (read: old lady). The sultry mélange is tempered by sandalwood and vanilla accents, two classics that keep the perfume from turning into a sugar bomb. And who can argue with a fruity tropical scent for spring?

md_toryburchapaletteTory Burch Catch Eyeshadow Palette ($60)
This set of muted shades could break any eye shadow rut. Blendable mauves and pinks would add an extra oomph to a stash of basics without making Mom look like she’s trying too hard. The blue shade also doubles as a softer liner when applied with a wet brush.

md_chanelcamelliaLE JARDIN DE CHANEL Powder Blush ($55)
It’s Chanel. Need to know more? This romantic blush is embossed with blossoming camellias, the favorite flowers of Gabrielle Chanel. Inside are two universally flattering pink that are neither matte nor satiny, so they won’t emphasize hard-earned smile lines. The blush wears soft and natural when gently buffed into the cheekbones.

md_fragonardFragonard Parfumeur Jasmin Set of 4 Guest Soaps ($24)
Moms don’t do empty soap dishes. Keep her stocked with fresh scented, hand-molded soaps imbued with sweet Spanish Jasmine. The packaging happens to be exquisite (and keeps the soaps safe for months, if needed).

md_lolliabathLollia Bubble Bath in Relax ($34)
A super frothy bath screams alone time. The lavender and honey scented bubbles are made with Brazil nut and olive oils, so this product doubles as a body wash.

PLUS: Candles For Every Type of Mom

md_candlesRed Flower Japanese Peony Petal Topped Candle ($38)
I love the intensely scented dried flowers that adorn this natural burning wax candle. Crumbled them into a separate bowl and they’ll release a second dose of scent.

Amouage Smile Candle ($105)
Classic raspberry, vanilla, and musk could cheer up a home office or master suite.

Fornasetti Ortensia Candle ($175)
More of an objet d’art than a traditional candle, it emits notes of thyme, lavender, and cedarwood gives off an earthy, Mediterranean vibe.