5 Westerosi Looks You Can Rock This Fall

We’ve got <em>Game of Thrones</em> on our minds after the series broke records at the Emmys Sunday night

Game of Thrones made history last night by winning the most Emmys in a single year. The HBO series even took home the coveted award for Best Drama. Seeing the cast on stage made me long for the next season, but April seems so far away; I recently started binge-watching the show again and spotted a few looks that could have walked the runways this fall. For starters, crowns are in (but please don’t call them tiaras, as The New York Times did in a piece about the accessory’s growing popularity). Get ready to join the Night’s Watch—head-to-toe black is in this season (though isn’t it always?) according to Glamour magazine. Here’s our round up of fall must-haves that would be right at home in King’s Landing or a wildling village beyond The Wall.

Release your inner wildling: We think these furry ankle boots channel our favorite gal from the far north Ygritte  I don’t know when or where we would wear these in Los Angeles, but they wouldn’t be out of place at Sundance. Incidentally, Ygritte rocks another big trend this fall—shearling.



I’ve never liked Melisandre, especially after last season, but I do like her style— dresses with dramatic kimono sleeves and her versatile red hooded poncho. Her signature piece of jewelry is an oversized choker with a red stone, which has inspired a half dozen crafters to make replicas and sell them on etsy. I haven’t worn a choker since the ’90s but the accessory is one of the top trends of the season. The night may be dark and full of terrors, but you can light up an outfit for an evening out with a statement choker.



It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Gendry on the show but the boxy pleats on his jacket mirror another current fashion trend—the car wash pleat (also seen on The Hound’s and Bronn’s jackets). It’s the latest spin on the fringe craze—car wash pleats have larger strips but they still lend a little shimmy when you move. Ferragamo, Christian Dior, Thakoon and a handful of other designers incorporated car wash pleats into their fall collections.  Here’s to the return of Robert’s bastard!



Elsewhere in the country gloves are a necessity when winter comes. Here in L.A. they’re completely optional of course, but you can dress up a LBD with a pair of satin or leather gloves. This season gloves were everywhere—Balenciaga sent models down runways in short leather styles while Prada went the Amal Clooney route and opted for longer opera gloves. And we know gloves are pretty common on GOT, especially in the north, but we really dug fingerless style Arya wears as Lana, the oyster girl. In fact I dig Arya’s whole ensemble—the cropped jacket (another trend), bag belt, and pleated skirt.


I know the queen regent Cersei Lannister wasn’t wearing faux furs, but we can’t condone wearing real fur in this day and age. Plus in L.A. it never gets cold enough to warrant it. In fact, Cersei only dons this fur lined jacket during a fateful visit to Winterfell in the north. Fur always seems to pop up on runways every fall despite PETA protests and bad press. I was happy to see so many designers choosing to use faux fur for this season’s “it” accessory—the stole. You’ll be happy knowing no animals or direwolves were killed to make it.