5 Minutes With Tommy Hilfiger


It’s been 10 years since Tommy Hilfiger closed his flagship on Rodeo Drive. Back then, the company stated that the plan was to move to a different location within 12 months. Now, after a decade, Hilfiger is back with a brand new store opening tomorrow on Robertson. We asked him the question on everyone’s mind—what took him so long? Here’s his reponse:

“Where we were at the end of Rodeo, we hardly saw people on the sidewalks, and hardly saw people of the age we’re focused towards. Ten years ago we started to look for locations, but then there was the economic downturn and we decided to wait until the right location opened up. We were looking here last year and we found this store— perfect location, younger foot traffic. Fantastic. I love L.A.— the weather, the ambiance. I’ve actually missed it.”


The new Tommy Hilfiger store is on the corner of Beverly and Robertson, you can’t miss it, look for the street-wide banners and billboards…