The Top 10 Best New Restaurants of 2015

From a farm-to-table Koreatown counter to a sumac-slinging downtown cathedral to a beachside Italian destination, a delicious year in review
Cassia’s spicy wontons
Cassia’s spicy wontons

Photograph by Andrea Bricco

It’d be easy to forget that even five years ago, world-class L.A. restaurants were relegated to a few key neighborhoods. (That’s why we know every secret parking spot in West Hollywood.) You might fan out for a killer al pastor truck or Korean BBQ. But heading to the beach cities or the Valley for cutting-edge dining? Good luck. Today, though, one can relish a lamb tongue panino in Manhattan Beach and swipe pork rillettes through a river of egg yolk in Studio City. This year’s best new restaurants at last reflect L.A. in its sprawling, savory glory. Eat up—an exceptional meal is around the corner.

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