Best New Restaurants of 2010

Pork belly dumplings on the 24th floor of a downtown high-rise, crispy cod fritters in Little Tokyo, and roasted jidori chicken in a Malibu minimall—here are L.A.’s tastiest debuts
  • topten_1

    Lazy Ox Canteen

    The scene can be utter pandemonium, with groups gathering around bare tables in a room whose singed-wood paneling and concrete floors befit a Japanese pub…Continue

  • topten_2


    Quinn and Karen Hatfield have not only re-imagined the massive space that once housed Michel Richard’s Citrus…Continue

  • topten_3

    Waterloo & City

    Cooks in bowler hats searing blood pudding to the pulsing backbeat of punk? Continue

  • topten_4


    Danny Elmaleh has been mining his Israeli and Japanese-Moroccan background since Celadon, a restaurant that never caught on…Continue

  • topten_5

    Salt’s Cure

    Christopher Phelps and Zak Walters dreamed up Salt’s Cure over bottles of Fat Tire beer…Continue

  • topten_6


    The large windows look onto the hedges of a public garden. The maître d’, smart in a tattersall shirt and tapered suit, sizes you up without dropping the welcoming smile…Continue

  • topten_7


    If you think the conversation about sustainability can slip into smugness at times, Forage will soon have you questioning your assumptions…Continue

  • topten_8


    Elegant understatement is the rule here, from the Craftsman touches in the room to the high-end film people cosseted in cashmere zip cardigans at the bar…Continue

  • topten_9


    Many talented chefs, from Carrie Nahabedian to Conny Andersson, have struggled to rid the restaurant in the Four Seasons of its sepulchral hotel feel…Continue

  • topten_10


    Having only one person taking orders in the dining room can lead to glacially slow passages in a meal, and the mod black-and-gray decor reminds you…Continue