Best New Restaurant No. 5: Salt’s Cure

This brunch spot will have you counting down the days until the next Sunday morning

Photograph by Jessica Boone

Christopher Phelps and Zak Walters dreamed up Salt’s Cure over bottles of Fat Tire beer. The cooks, who helped launch the Hungry Cat, wanted to open a store where they could sell locally sourced, nitrate-free bacon. Though plans grew more ambitious, the scale never went beyond that of a corner shop. Eight tables border the counter and the open kitchen, where the pair ply their brand of meat-intensive cooking. Pickling is done in-house. You may find yourself eating while the meat smoker, fired with walnut shells, dispatches a brisket brought in from a Santa Barbara farm. And don’t rush the busboy; he’s hand-grinding the coffee. The payoff to such earnestness is tremendous. All the dishes, whether they are the sides of black-eyed peas or green beans or a heritage pork pâté, are captured in their essential form. The brunch-only hash of corned beef and farmhouse eggs, together with pastry chef Naomi Shim’s tangerine rolls, will have you counting the days until next Sunday morning. » 7494 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood // 323-850-7258 or