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L.A. Moms

Archetypal L.A. Moms to Celebrate This Weekend

From the Mothers of East Los Angeles to Mother Dough

CityDig: We’ve Hit the Mother Ditch

Urban archaeologists agree that a well-preserved chunk of the Zanja Madre, or Mother Ditch, has been discovered in Chinatown. This 1874 map shows the path of the pipe as it passed through the old pueblo

Channeling the Future: Five Civic Projects That Changed L.A. Forever

The Los Angeles Aqueduct, which marks its 100th anniversary on Tuesday, transformed the city. Here are four more public works projects that significantly affected the region

Hidden Vestiges

Hunting for history in a region known for burying its treasures

CityDig: Map No. 178: The Zanja Madre in 1868

This manuscript map traces the path of the essential lifeline of early Los Angeles: the Zanja Madre, or Mother Ditch.