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Self-Identified ‘Incel’ Charged with Hate Crimes in String of Violent Attacks

Johnny Deven Young, who allegedly attacked multiple women with tear gas, among other depraved acts, will be arraigned on Oct. 10
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Way Too Late, YouTube Will Remove Dangerous Anti-Abortion Propaganda

SCOTUS warned it was done with women's rights months ago, codified it weeks ago, and now YouTube says it will deal with its anti-choice thugs

Beloved L.A. Influencer Emma Chamberlain Returns to Youtube

After an absence that left fans jonesing for her unique take on everyday life, plus the Met Gala, Chamberlain is once again a font of content
lapd police car

Are California Cops Blaring Disney Songs to Thwart Video Observation?

An incident that took place in early April in Santa Ana may be indicative of a growing police tactic being used to avoid bad press.
david dobrik

YouTuber David Dobrik Is ‘Stranded’ in Slovakia Over a Green Card Snafu

The Vlog Squad influencer was filming a Discovery+ special overseas
youtube verification

YouTube Nabs Naming Rights to the New Theater Coming to Inglewood

For the video giant, the naming venture is a splashy new foray into life offline
logan paul boxing

Are Influencer Exhibition Fights the Future of Boxing?

As this weekend’s Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms prepares to pit YouTubers against TikTokers for a massive audience, not everyone’s pumped about the new gen of pugilist
bryce hall

A Local Restaurant Owner Is Suing TikToker Bryce Hall, Alleging ‘Violence Motivated by Race’

Hernan Fernando has accused the app-famous Sway House star of assaulting him and uttering a racial slur during an October confrontation about vaping
jojo siwa

Jojo Siwa’s Coming Out Is as Remarkable as It Seems

According to LGBTQ youth advocates, the kid-friendly pop star's big announcement could have a big impact

Some L.A. Social Media Influencers Are Moving to Texas Too

A handful of celebs and business types have fled the Southland in recent months, and it looks like influencers are getting in on the trend