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Podcast Preview: A Professor Of Criminalistics Describes Seeing A Dead Body

In this exclusive clip from Esotouric's You Can't Eat The Sunshine podcast, Cal State Professor Don Johnson reminisces about his apprenticeships in mortuary and forensic sciences (and about having a strong stomach when it comes to seeing dead bodies).

Podcast Preview: Explore The History Of L.A. Electricity Through The Lens Of Southern California Edison

In this week's exclusive clip from Esotouric podcast You Can't Eat The Sunshine, Huntington Library photography curator Jenny Watts sheds light on California's history with electricity from the late 19th century through the 1960s.

YCETS: Columbo’s Most Embarrassing Moment

In this week's exclusive clip from Esotouric, actor Jerry Taft recalls an instance in which Peter Falk's fame had gone to his head.

YCETS: The Confessional Booth Of King Eddy Saloon

In this week's exclusive clip from Esotouric, filmmaker Alina Skrzeszewska explains the inspiration behind her film on the women who frequent Skid Row's King Eddy Saloon.

YCETS: A Forgotten Resort From The Jazz Age Revisited

In this week's Esotouric clip, architectural historian and City of Norco council member Kevin Bash imagines a day-in-the-life with vaudeville performer Will Rogers at the Norconian Supreme Resort.

You Can’t Eat the Sunshine: Racing with The Rat Pack

Dennis Justice recalls a surprising phone call from Frank Sinatra in this week's exclusive podcast clip from Esotouric

You Can’t Eat The Sunshine: The Artists of the Salton Sea

In an exclusive clip from this week's Esotouric podcast, Joe Holliday recounts his first trip to the south eastern shore of the Salton Sea, where community art is created by wandering visionaries.

You Can’t Eat the Sunshine: The Origin Story of Libros Schmibros in Boyle Heights

In an exclusive clip from this week's episode of "You Can't Eat the Sunshine," David Kipen recalls how his personal book collection and a complimentary platter of quesadillas begot the lending library that’s now a neighborhood institution.

Esotouric Pays Tribute to Huell Howser in Podcast

Tour bus company Esotouric aims to showcase the City of Angels with offbeat wit and nerdy passion. So it's only fitting that the first episode of "You Can’t Eat the Sunshine," their podcast devoted to California arcana, would feature a tribute to the unofficial king of the Golden State.