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Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Eatalian Cafe’s Rare Espresso Machine

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, cafe proprietor Antonio Pellini tells Richard and Kim how his coffee maker came to be thin on the ground

Off With Their Heads: A Primer on Execution at The Museum of Death

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, podcast proprietors Richard Schave and Kim Cooper broach the morbid with Cathee Shultz, who with her husband J.D. runs Hollywood's hallowed hall of the macabre

Podcast Preview: A+D’s Bowlarama Exhibition is Right up Your Alley

In this exclusive clip, Richard and Kim talk with our own Chris Nichols about the bowling memorabilia of L.A.'s past

Podcast Preview: How Judaism Influenced DTLA’s First Christian College

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, Richard and Kim learn that the famed Jesus Saves sign downtown was in fact paid for by a Danny Rose, a member of the Church of the Open Door (which had a hefty Hebrew contingent)

Podcast Preview: Everything’s Coming Up Poppies

In this exclusive Esotouric preview, Kim and Richard chat with Ranger Jean Rhyne of the California State Park Service, who explains the origins of Antelope Valley's poppy reserve

Podcast Preview: It’s All About Poem Noir, Daddio

In this week's exclusive Esotouric clip, poet Cece Peri discusses the genesis and techniques of the cinematic literary genre

Podcast Preview: The Future of L.A.’s Public Spaces

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, Kim and Richard jabber with Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, who is passionate about the city's parks

Podcast Preview: The Story of Hollywood’s Own Storyteller

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, historian Phillip Mershan expresses the joy and inspiration he finds in his career as a Hollywood tour guide

Podcast Preview: Digging Up Bunker Hill’s Noir History

"Because film noir told the story of the underbelly of America, it needed a place that was down on its heels but atmospheric," historian Jim Dawson says. "Bunker Hill was perfect"

Podcast Preview: Huntington Gardens’ Faux Bois Fakeout

In this exclusive Esotouric clip, Terence Eagen lets Richard and Kim in on the nearly lost art form of "faux bois" (artificial wood) arbors