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National Parks Are Suddenly Flooded with Wildlife. What Happens When Humans Return?

Bears, deer, and other animals are out in numbers not seen in generations
yosemite firefall horsetail falls

The Rare and Stunning “Firefall” Returns to Yosemite National Park

A fleeting phenomenon lights up the snowy mountains

Joachim Splichal’s Guide to Yosemite, California

Patina Restaurant Group’s founder and chef steps out of the kitchen to take his kids skiing

Party Crashers: Yosemite Can’t Celebrate Its Own Anniversary Due To Government Shutdown

Today marks the National Park’s 123rd birthday, though celebrating might prove tough: Yosemite has been closed due to the government shutdown

Yosemite Wildfire: What We Know

Now in its tenth day, a Northern California Rim Fire has demolished more than 150,000 acres of land—an area about the size of Chicago