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WWE Founder and Chief Executive Vince McMahon Retires

The scandal that forced out wrestling mastermind McMahon was not one of the pre-arrange soap opera “works" that built his empire

Vince McMahon Eyed for Alleged $3 Million Sex Coverup at WWE

An internal investigation into the pro-wrestling honcho’s alleged hush money situation also reportedly uncovered a pattern of NDA payouts
xfl los angeles

Remember the XFL? It’s Coming Back—but You Might Not Recognize It

The football-wrestling hybrid league is preparing to relaunch, and L.A. is playing host to one of its teams
Hell in a Cell

4 Things to Know About Pro Wrestling Before Sunday’s Hell in a Cell Match at Staples Center

As a city, L.A. is no stranger to the wide world of wrasslin’. But you probably are

In the Ring with a WWE Diva

How does a former gymnast and martial arts student end up in the world of pro wrestling?