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The First Time the Cubs Ever Played on Wrigley Field, It Was in Los Angeles

For decades, Wrigley Field was located in South L.A.

CityDig: Angels (and Tigers) in the Outfield

While it may sound impossible (and sad), the history of baseball in the Los Angeles goes back even further than the voice of Vin Scully

This Map Reveals That Catalina Once Had Its Own Wrigley Field

Each spring the Chicago Cubs trained under the ownership of William J. Wrigley Jr. on this diamond carved into the arid soil of Catalina Island

CityDig: When the City of Angels Had Its Own Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field: baseball fans will forever associate the name with the Windy City. But for decades the City of Angels boasted a Wrigley Field of its own—the longtime home of the minor-league Los Angeles Angels.