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People Who Aren’t Up Early to Work Out Aren’t Into the Fitness Classes Being Held in Silver Lake Meadow

A gripe over the commercial use of public green space, which began in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park last year, has made its way across the city

It’s a Draw: L.A.’s Best Mat Pilates

Getting to the core of a great deal on both sides of the hill

The Power Playbook: Prenatal Workouts

In light of this month’s Well Being column, resident fitness guru Justin “Jay The Trainer” MacLeod has created a custom workout for moms-to-be.

ABsolutely Fabulous: The Hardest Six-Packs in Hollywood (And How To Get Them)

While you think you’re working harder than everyone else on the quest to perfect your physique, we’ve got some bad news: you’re probably not working as hard as the cast of Spartacus.

Video Village With Ask Chris: American Apparel’s Sexy 80’s Workout

Softcore porn from American Apparel? I can't believe it!

The Power Playbook: Barre

What It Is
➝ A combination of ballet (hence “barre”), Pilates, yoga, and low-impact aerobics, barre workouts are a variation on a regimen that emerged in the 1960s, when German dancer Lotte Berk, looking for a way to gently nurse a back injury, came up with a series of exercises. Early acolytes included Joan Collins and Britt Ekland, which we’d call a stamp of approval. Some of the leg lifts and deep pliés can leave your legs shaking like a Chihuahua’s, but movements can also be so subtle, you’re not sure that much is happening on the outside. It is. 

The Power Playbook: 4 Ways To Kick It

Take the pebble from my hand, grasshopper, and be badass