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new beverly female director festival sofia coppola eves bayou

The New Beverly Is Celebrating Female-Directed Films in May (and Hopefully, You Know, Forever)

The program shows the diversity of women-made films, from the 1920s to today
the wing los angeles west hollywood coworking

The Wing Is Finally Open in L.A.—Here’s What You Need to Know

The woman-centric coworking space debuts in WeHo—and it sure is pretty

These Female Entrepreneurs Are Cultivating a Modern Cannabis Lifestyle

Leave your pre-conceptions of “pot culture” behind

In Boyle Heights, Young Women Are Learning to Be Leaders

ENTITY empowers with career and life skills that make a difference

Silver Lake Wine Shop Is First in L.A. to Spotlight Female Winemakers

Vinovore is allll about the ladies and we're here for it

Culture Shot: Get Ready for Lady Ghostbusters

Between Twin Peaks and this, it’s been a huge week in throwback movie news

Burning Down the House: Ellen Brooks, Jo Ann Callis, Eileen Cowin

PMCA’s latest installation brings us the work of Brooks, Callis, and Cowin. Their storytelling photography addresses the evolving role of women, their torments and obsessions, and the domestic conflict...