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Jenny Mollen

My LA to Z: Jenny Mollen

The After Paradise cohost talks dry ice baths, bonkers almond milk, and taking a chance on street corner fruit stands

The Santa Monica Museum of Art Recognizes Wolvesmouth as Art

Chef Craig Thornton gets his own exhibit.

Wolvesmouth Gets the New Yorker Treatment

If you thought it was hard to get a Wolvesmouth dinner before, it just got a lot harder. After scribing successful profiles of local food pros such as Jonathan Gold and Baja’s Javier Plascencia, the New Yorker’s Dana Goodyear once again helps to bolster L.A.’s international culinary cred with her latest subject: our own Chef of the Year winner Craig Thornton.

L.A.’s Hidden Food & Drink

Put on your cloak (leave the dagger). We’re heading into the realm of roving supper clubs and not-so-legal speakeasies, off-menu secrets and off-grid eateries. Because sometimes the best place to get a bite or have a sip is the one nobody else knows