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katie hill st. francis dam

New Congress Member Katie Hill’s Very First Bill Commemorates a California Tragedy

The millennial is giving constituents a history lesson

Why a Legendary East Coast Evangelist Chose Los Angeles for Her Pentecostal Empire

Angelus Temple founder Aimee Semple McPherson saw L.A. as an "opportunity for God"

CityDig: A Faulty Dam Led to the Deadliest Disaster in L.A. History

This 1963 map details the path of floodwater that resulted from the collapse of William Mulholland's St. Francis Dam
Jack Black

Drunk History Finally Arrives in Los Angeles with Jack Black as William Mulholland

Tonight’s episode covers topics the city has obsessed about for 100 years: water, cute dogs, and the LAPD

Remembering The St. Francis Dam Disaster

Exactly 86 years ago, the St. Francis Dam (built by William Mulholland) collapsed, killing 450 Angelenos

Framed: The St. Francis Dam Was a Glorious Disaster About to Happen

10 paintings by Rob Reynolds in the NHM's "Just Add Water" contemplate the L.A. Aqueduct.

CityDig: How William Mulholland Made Water Flow Uphill

Diverting the flow of the Owens River for 233 miles across the desert was difficult enough, but the aqueduct’s designers accomplished the feat using gravity alone