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UPDATE: Authorities Euthanize Coyote that Attacked Girl Near Huntington Beach Pier

Police say the girl’s injuries are serious but not life-threatening, and it's almost impossible that this will ever happen to you
plywood election unrest

Stores Across L.A. Boarded Up Their Windows. A Local Group Has a Plan for All That Plywood

The California Wildlife Center is helping businesses turn a symbol of anxiety into something positive

Developers Keep Out: Part of Laurel Canyon Could Stay Uninhabited Forever

Local residents groups want to buy 17 acres of land for the sole purpose of keeping it open

Track Stars

Is it a mule deer, a raccoon, a bobcat, or a jackrabbit? Use this guide to find out, and keep an eye out on your next hike

A Walker in L.A.: The City’s Most Colorful Residents

Why it’s not unusual to spot peacocks crossing the road

Telling Tails: A Q&A with Contributor Mike Kessler

Not many major metropolitan areas can claim to have mountain lions roaming their parks and hills—and, occasionally, their streets. In “Ghost Cat,” which appears in the November issue, Mike Kessler writes about the cougars of the Los Angeles area.