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Authorities Investigate 50 Dogs Found Caged Alive in Border 32 Fire

Animal service workers found dozens of canines tied up and caged, plus peacocks, ducks and assorted livestock

The Route Fire Plus Record Heat is Hell for Firefighters and Residents

The Route Fire incinerated 5000 acres since Wednesday as temperatures move well above 100 and heat-related issues are reported.

Study Finds Wildfires Disproportionately Impact Lower-Income Families

Non-renewals, higher premiums, and costly property improvements make wildfires even worse for already marginalized homeowners

A New Podcast Explores How Fire Shaped the West—and How We Can Live with It Moving Forward

Historian and host Bill Deverell says he hopes the new series encourages people "to become more attentive students of fire”

Wildfire Smoke Could Be to Blame for Some COVID Cases and Deaths in the West

A Harvard study indicates that there's a statistical link between the ravages of climate change and the ravages of the coronavirus
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In Terms of Wildfires, 2021 Is Already Shaping Up to Be a Worse Year than 2020

If stats from the first seven months of the year are any indication, California is in for a frightening fall

These Interactive Maps Track Every Wildfire Burning in Southern California and Beyond

Hot, dry conditions mean a small spark could quickly become a dangerous blaze
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When It Comes to Natural Disasters, FEMA Says L.A. County Is the Riskiest Place in the U.S.

The federal agency's National Risk Index ranks more than 3,000 counties—and L.A. is on top
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The Bobcat Fire Is Dangerously Close to Mt. Wilson Observatory

Crews are working to contain the fire, which has grown dramatically over the last 24 hours
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An Influencer Helped Launch the Gender Reveal Trend–Now She’s Pleading with Parents to Stop

Lifestyle blogger Jenna Karvunidis says catastrophic wildfires aren't the only reason the parties have become problematic