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What Really Happened at Wi Spa

A viral video shot outside the ladies’ locker room of a Korean bathhouse set off weeks of skirmishes and a national debate over trans rights–but nobody got the real story.
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Prosecutors Charge Local Trans Woman with Indecent Exposure in Wi Spa Incident

A June incident that spawned a viral video and an all-out war between political factions has resulted in multiple charges being filed against a local woman
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Five Women Have Filed Police Reports Alleging Indecent Exposure at Wi Spa

A late June incident at the Wilshire Boulevard spa has spawned a pair of heated protests
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Weekend Protests Rage Outside Wi Spa on Wilshire Boulevard

'Several dozen' arrests were made as a conflict over trans rights continues to boil over
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Exclusive: A Saturday Showdown Is in the Works Over Trans Blowup at Wi Spa

Amid calls for a boycott and a planned protest, the Westlake spa responds to the viral incident