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Remedy place health club membership los angeles

A New Health Club on the Sunset Strip Turns 21st Century Wellness into a Social Affair

From a booze-free bar to the cryotherapy chamber, Remedy Place wants to give the health obsessed a place to hang

The Night Shift

We all skimp on sleep, hoping to squeeze a little more time out of each day. But the side effects go way beyond a little mid-meeting drowsiness

Mad About You

An Echo Park parenting center says our fear of coddling our children is hurting them

Dirty Little Secret

Is “eating clean” the antidote to modern living or a total wash?

Cigs, Lies & Red Tape

In Los Angeles today, thanks to tobacco control measures that range from restaurant bans to taxes, it’s harder and more expensive to light up than it used to be. Despite that, a determined cadre continues to inhale while taking pains to hide the habit.

This Land is My Land

It’s a perk of living here: We can almost always exercise outdoors. But what happens when fitness buffs and boot campers do battle over open space?