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How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Prescott, Arizona

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and Sedona get all the love, but Prescott is an enchanting hamlet that’s stayed frozen in time

Carmel’s Scenic Beauty Sets the Stage for a Fancy Weekend by the Sea

How to spend the ultimate bougie weekend in Carmel

Ventura Is Still a Beach Town in the Old-School SoCal Model

Ninety minutes north of L.A., Ventura is a lot like other Southern California beach towns used to be: relaxed and unpretentious, without too-too many people vying for the same...

The Weekender: Antigua, Guatemala

Good food, rich culture, pretty vistas—an age-old Mayan city that will quench your wanderlust

The Weekender: Banff

Only the Swiss Alps rival the rugged mountain beauty of alberta’s lofty ski country

The Weekender: Chicago

New parks and new hotels add to the dazzle of one of our great cities

The Weekender: Denver

Once a pass-through town for skiers, the Mile-High City has become a destination in its own right

The Weekender: Mendocino

Dramatic coastal flair, charm, and open spaces set the NorCal region apart

The Weekender: Santa Barbara

The central coast town’s split personality: old-school charm and city grit

The Weekender: Sun Valley

The Idaho destination proves that America’s oldest ski resort can learn new tricks