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With El Niño Here, the City Gets Proactive on Potholes

An effort is on to ensure our roads aren't wrecked this season

8 Times Los Angeles Struggled with El Niño’s Wrath Today

Runaway trash cans! Stranded Mini Coopers! Wet toes!

Five Animals Who Can’t Even With This Heat

You try wearing a fur coat in these temperatures

Correspondences From a Jewish Grandmother: How to Handle Summer in L.A.

On his Web site, Weather From, comedian David Krumholtz takes on the persona of Gigi, an octogenarian with a penchant for meteorology. He—er, she—has a few opinions about our favorite season

Jimmy Kimmel May Be Joking, But We’re Not: Pray For Us. It’s Cold.

He’s no Ginger Chan, but Jimmy Kimmel managed to do some weather reporting of his own this week.