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Amid Brutal Winter Storm, Mudslide Shuts Down Stretch of Mulholland Dr.

There are clear signs that more damage is on the horizon as a deadly and historic winter storm barrels down on Los Angeles

‘Atmospheric Rivers’ Will Continue to Plague CA, Threatening Epic Floods

Catastrophic flooding continues to wreak havoc in California, but all that water could benefit the state in the long run

Why Angelenos Melt Down in Cold Weather

This week’s cold wave wouldn’t cause a ripple in the East, so why is it stressing out Los Angeles? Scientists say cold weather in L.A. feels different than in other parts of the country

1 Killed, 1 Injured by Lightning as Freak Weather Wreaks Havoc in SoCal

Antonia Mendoza Chavez and her dogs were killed while a woman pushing her baby in a stroller and walking her dog was knocked out by lightning
heat wave

L.A.’s Brief Brush with Fall-Like Weather Is Coming to an End

Heat, winds, and low humidity are on the horizon for the rest of the week and weekend
los angeles fire haze

Is That Wildfire Smoke We’re Seeing in L.A. Today?

Authorities say that today's ominous sky is actually the result of smoke that's blowing in from other parts of the state
hot weather heat wave quarantine

How to Get Through a Heat Wave During Quarantine

L.A. is expecting "very warm conditions" this week. What can you do when all the normal ways to cool off are closed?
malibu hiker death

Extreme Heat and Dehydration Killed a Hiker in Malibu on Labor Day

Five other hikers were airlifted to be treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration after they ran out of water

20 Bonkers Photos (and One Boomerang) of California’s Recent Lightning Storms

Thank Mother Nature and armchair storm chasers for these stunning shots
snow los angeles 2019

Snow Was Spotted in Malibu, Pasadena, and Other L.A. Places on Thursday

You might want to look outside before this apocalypse takes us all