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Driverless Cars

Mayor Wants New Tech Advisor to Prepare L.A. for Driverless Cars

The new hire will help guide transpo policy for decades

Ways to Make L.A. Life More Extreme

Why stop at a zip line over Runyon Canyon?

Uber and Lyft Can Pick You Up at LAX This Summer; Waze Can Direct You Away From Street Filming Soon

"You'll have to find a new excuse when you're late to dinner with your mother-in-law."

Police Demand Waze Shut Off Cop Tracking Feature

Officers say the app puts lives in danger

Fed-up Westsiders, Valley-ites Trying to Bring Down Waze

Some locals, allegedly, have lowered themselves to reporting fake crashes

How L.A. Works: Your Commute

Millions pulse through L.A.’s lattice of roads and railways each day. The infrastructure is so intricate, we crafted a fictive model to capture how we make our way through the city

The Surprising Wisdom of Waze

The purpose of the straight-talking app was to beat traffic. It became an unexpected guide to the city