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waze war los angeles

Waze Hijacked L.A. in the Name of Convenience. Can Anyone Put the Genie Back in the Bottle?

Traffic apps turned the city's neighborhoods into "shortcuts." Now furious residents are attempting to take them back, street by street
waze restrictions city council google maps

Waze Directions May Skip Certain Streets Under a New City Council Plan

But who gets to control which streets are avoided–and which see more cars as a result?

In the War Over Waze, Will Rich Angelenos Demand Private Streets?

The City Attorney threatens legal action against the app, but is unclear about his demands

All the New Features We Want to See On Waze

The app finally improved those dreaded left turn suggestions. Here's what else they can do

Waze, Caltrans Team Up as Traffic-Fighting Super Duo

An app partnership made in congestion-free heaven

Let Morgan Freeman Get You Through Rush Hour

Waze’s latest celebrity voice makes perfect sense

Waze 4.0 Is a Friend to Smartphone Batteries, Clarity

The latest version of the traffic app declutters its maps and promises to not hog your charge
Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Can Now Give You Waze Directions

The talk show king is one of the new celebrity voices available for the app