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Learn How to Drink Water at Patina’s Water Tasting Class

The nation’s first-ever course on H20 sipping takes place on February 4

Mad Props: What to Know Before You Vote… About Prop 1

Can a more than $7 billion bond solve the state's water problem?

No Rain, All Gain: Three Unexpected Benefits of Going “Blue”

It’s the latest shade of local eco-activism when it comes to water conservation. Here’s how beating the drought now means drinking more beer later

It Takes 317 Gallons of Water to Produce a Bar of Chocolate

A look at the amount of virtual water it takes to produce every day food

“Redefining the West:” KCET’s Homage to the L.A. Aqueduct

Celebrate and examine the role that this 100-year-old structure has played in the history of our city.

CityDig: How William Mulholland Made Water Flow Uphill

Diverting the flow of the Owens River for 233 miles across the desert was difficult enough, but the aqueduct’s designers accomplished the feat using gravity alone

Win Tickets & Airfare to the James Beard Foundation Awards in NYC

It's like the Oscars for the food world, and you and a friend could totally be there!

CityDig: Map No. 178: The Zanja Madre in 1868

This manuscript map traces the path of the essential lifeline of early Los Angeles: the Zanja Madre, or Mother Ditch.