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The Other Great L.A. Water Debate: Faucet vs. Bottle

Is municipal water really any less safe than the expensive stuff?

To Build or Not to Build the Delta Tunnels

The future of the state is taking shape Where the sacramento and San Joaquin rivers meet

There’s Reason to Be Optimistic About the Future of Water in L.A.

A giver of life and a wellspring of strife, the region’s most precious resource will be all the more precious in the days ahead

Powder Burns: What Local Snowfall Means for Our Future

Climate change is altering the snowpack we depend on for water. How laser-assisted mapping may offer the best hope to cope

CityDig: When Gushers Sprang From the Los Angeles Basin

For his first in a series of four posts on L.A.’s water-fuelled growth, Nathan Masters rediscovers the city’s first free-flowing artesian well

25 Ways to Go Green Without Going Insane

Green may be the new black, but let's hope not. Reducing pollution and conserving natural resources has to be more than a trend.