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Home Brew: Here in L.A. We Are Walking on Water

Hydrological locavorism? A deep dive into the stuff sloshing beneath the ground we tread on

Drops in the Bucket: Easy Ways to Save Water and Money

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make the most of a precious resource, and water agencies like the DWP are doing more than ever to help. Here are some tips to get you going.

Down the Drain: How Much Water Goes When It Flows

How much goes when it flows?

Current Affair: When It Comes to the Relationship of Water and Power, It’s Complicated

Some things were destined for each other. Salt and pepper. Kool & the Gang. Water and power. But the relationship is complicated.

Dam Straight: Blocking and Unblocking Our Waterways

Blocking and unblocking our waterways

Dust to Dust: The Evolution of the Owens Valley

A century after being drained by los angeles, water comes trickling back into the dessicated Owens Valley

Tapped Out: Squeezing Every Last Ounce from the Once-Mighty Colorado River

Harnessed for hydroelectric power and pumped through hundreds of miles of aqueduct to L.A., Phoenix, and Denver, the river is usually (except in major flood years) used up before reaching its outlet at the Sea of Cortez in Mexico

Liquid Diet: 7 Steps to Save the Future

Seven steps to save the world, or at least to stretch the water we have

Milestones in California’s Hydrological History

A visual glance at the state's hydrological history

The Dead Sea Is Dying

The Salton Sea wasn’t intended to exist. Is that a reason to let it die?