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Steve Carell Wants You to Stop Wasting Water

The actor lends his voice to a new PSA starring L.A.’s unofficial mascot: The Drop
Drought-Friendly Beauty Hacks

Drought-Friendly Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Shower Short but Sweet

H20-lite products will keep you feeling pampered during the drought

Are L.A.’s Stricter Rules on Water Conservation a Total Waste?

What new regulations really mean to the city—and to you

Drought Watch: Save Water, Save Money

Five hundred bucks (in fines) says Governor Jerry Brown can get you to turn off your sprinklers

All Clear: Los Angeles Magazine’s Water Supply Is EPA Approved

In honor of our September feature on Water in L.A., we decided to go on a fact-finding mission: could the water flowing from our office sink be harboring dangerous contaminates?

The Prophet of California Climate: A Dialogue with Bill Patzert

We set out to have a question and answer session with Bill Patzert, a climatologist with Caltech’s NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, but the veteran scientist had a lot to say. Rather than slow him down, we gave him the mic

Water, Water, Everywhere—But Not a Drop to Drink?

The thirst on Earth is building. Is there enough water to go around? We spoke with water and climate expert Peter Gleick, Ph.D. in an attempt to find out