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Will this 1,000-Foot Slip-And-Slide Make it to L.A.?

Update: Late last week, Slide The City posted sad news on their site that all but confirms the cancellation of their inaugural Los Angeles event

Drought Watch: Save Water, Save Money

Five hundred bucks (in fines) says Governor Jerry Brown can get you to turn off your sprinklers

All Clear: Los Angeles Magazine’s Water Supply Is EPA Approved

In honor of our September feature on Water in L.A., we decided to go on a fact-finding mission: could the water flowing from our office sink be harboring dangerous contaminates?

The Prophet of California Climate: A Dialogue with Bill Patzert

We set out to have a question and answer session with Bill Patzert, a climatologist with Caltech’s NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, but the veteran scientist had a lot to say. Rather than slow him down, we gave him the mic

Water, Water, Everywhere—But Not a Drop to Drink?

The thirst on Earth is building. Is there enough water to go around? We spoke with water and climate expert Peter Gleick, Ph.D. in an attempt to find out

Home Brew: Here in L.A. We Are Walking on Water

Hydrological locavorism? A deep dive into the stuff sloshing beneath the ground we tread on

Down the Drain: How Much Water Goes When It Flows

How much goes when it flows?

Current Affair: When It Comes to the Relationship of Water and Power, It’s Complicated

Some things were destined for each other. Salt and pepper. Kool & the Gang. Water and power. But the relationship is complicated.

Dam Straight: Blocking and Unblocking Our Waterways

Blocking and unblocking our waterways

Dust to Dust: The Evolution of the Owens Valley

A century after being drained by los angeles, water comes trickling back into the dessicated Owens Valley