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Parched California Just Set the Record for 3 Driest Years Ever Recorded

Experts predict that previously once in a lifetime drought conditions will become the new reality to which we must adapt

The Drought: The Dry Years to Come

Rain or no rain, if we don't start rethinking water, we're sunk

The Lessons of Route 66

Editor Mary Melton finds inspiration for California's future in an unlikely place: on the road
Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Is Going Brown Gracefully

The city better known for excess is going without water—and looking good
conserving water

L.A. by the Slice: How Are We Conserving Water?

Be warned, Sparkletts truck drivers
Andy Lipkis

Speak Easy Q&A: Andy Lipkis

The Treepeople founder is pushing to make a greener, more climate-resilient L.A.

I Didn’t Shower for a Week to Save Water

One man’s attempt to save a city from drought in seven days