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Warner Bros.’ 2021 Movies Will Hit HBO Max and Theaters on the Same Day

Execs are calling the move a “unique one-year plan,” but some people are worried about the exhibition biz
gone with the wind hbo max

‘Gone with the Wind’ is Gone from HBO Max, for Now

The Civil War epic was removed from the platform, but will return with "a discussion of its historical context"
jeff bezos lauren sanchez

Jeff Bezos Finally Bought a House in L.A. and It’s a Doozy

The Amazon honcho reportedly bought the historic Warner Estate from David Geffen for a whopping $165 million
joker sequel

Ready for That ‘Joker’ Sequel? Not So Fast

Entertainment news outlets differ on the details of a follow-up to the moody comic book blockbuster

After Trying Literally Everything Else, DC Has Accepted That Women Are Its Only Hope

The hyper-masculine vision for the comic book-movie mega-franchise is crumbling

You Can Visit the Café From La La Land in Real Life

The set has been recreated on the Warner Bros. lot exactly as it appeared in the movie

Your Favorite Vintage Saturday Morning Cartoons Are Now in a Museum

Classics like Scooby Doo and The Flintstones get their own special exhibit

Your Guide to a Vintage Valentine’s Weekend

Fourteen ways to celebrate February 14 in classic style

See the Sci-Fi Web Shorts That Could Become Blockbuster Films

Studios are producing more and more feature-length films based on online shorts. Here are two primed for the big screen

Scene It Before: The Hudson St. Home for Girls from Annie

The “New York” orphanage that Daddy Warbucks rescues Annie from can actually be found in Burbank