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Warner Bros. Walks Back Cutbacks After Workshop Blowback

Following outrage over the belt-tightening’s impact on communities of color, the studio claims it’s revamping instead

Ezra Miller’s Cult Leader Trip is Nothing New to Old Friends

The performer, who pals say only insists on they/them pronouns in public, has a long, troubled history of being Ezra
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‘The Flash’ Ezra Miller Says Sorry for Scandal, Arrest Spree—Seeks Help

The studio’s iffy on Miller, but they say they’re getting mental health treatment, and that they’re sorry about all that trouble with the law

‘Batgirl’ Killer Warner Bros. Ponders: What About Ezra Miller and Flash?

Warner boss David Zaslav said he totally believes in the Ezra Miller flick, but WB is reportedly considering other outcomes just in case
Leslie Grace attends The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage,)

Leslie Grace Responds to ‘Batgirl’ Nix as Fans Torch Warner Bros.

If one were to suggest that Warner Bros.' move to end “Batgirl" for a cheapo tax scheme was cynical misery, one would not be alone

CNN+ Streaming Service Shuttered Weeks After Launch

Staff were told that they are in a ”uniquely shitty situation” after outgoing management’s plans conflicted with Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming vision

Hollywood Studios Are Reversing on Russia. What About Universal?

Warner Bros., Disney and other top studios were psyched to release films in Russia until everyone heard about it.

Hollywood Brief: Gal Gadot’s Dark Side; Warner Bros. Chief’s Comedy Warning

Plus, guest columnist Jeff Sneider tells industry: ”Please Don’t Destroy Will Ferrell”
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Warner Bros.’ 2021 Movies Will Hit HBO Max and Theaters on the Same Day

Execs are calling the move a “unique one-year plan,” but some people are worried about the exhibition biz
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‘Gone with the Wind’ is Gone from HBO Max, for Now

The Civil War epic was removed from the platform, but will return with "a discussion of its historical context"