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Lavell Crawford

His stand-up is a bit more lively, with riffs on a family life far less freaky than Walter White’s

Goodbye, Breaking Bad: The Ballad of Walter White

Recap: He sang the body methlectric but it’s all over now, baby blue

“Breaking Bad”: The Final Episode Poll

What becomes of Skylar? What characters do we never see again? Who speaks the last line of the show? We tackle these questions and more in our Breaking Bad final episode poll.

Breaking Bad: Walt Must Choose to Live Free or Die

Recap: In "Granite State" a Dimple Pinch of unfinished business inspires Walter White to re-chart his lonely course

Breaking Bad: Who’s Having an A-1 Day?

Recap: Six strange and fascinating things that happened in "To’hajiilee"

Breaking Bad: Father Confessor and a Walt for All Seasons

Recap: Walt takes every scrap of his blowhard brother-in-law’s hubris and uses it to pummel Hank

Breaking Bad: Who Should Live? Who Should Die? A Wish List

Recap: "Blood Money" ends with an unforgettable closing line as the increasingly desperate main players try to hold on to what they have

2 Days Until ‘Breaking Bad’: Get A Free Car Wash Courtesy of Walter White

Today only, you can get your car washed for free--and you don't even have to become a murderous meth kingpin.

3 Days Until ‘Breaking Bad’: It’s A Bad Time to Be A Meth Dealer In The Real World

In 2012, the DEA hauled in almost five times as much meth in the Southwest as they did in 2008, the year Breaking Bad debuted.

4 Days Until ‘Breaking Bad’: A Blue Rock Candy Refresher

If the the food on 'Breaking Bad' doesn't whet your appetite, film student Gabriel Rojas has conveniently edited the first five seasons into one easily digestible video montage.