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The Hollywood Target Is Finally Being Finished—and It’s Good News for Pedestrians

In a city dotted with construction projects, people traveling on foot often get short shrift

Subway Planning Needs to Address the Dreadful Walking Experience Around Stations

Getting to the Grove and Beverly Center from the new Purple Line stops should be a pleasant walk, not a perilous scramble

These Four L.A. Streets Desperately Need a Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover

It’s about time officials addressed the city’s hostile boulevards

Should South L.A.’s New Bike Path Be a Rail Line?

The Rail-to-River project is a great amenity but also a lost opportunity

Santa Monica Is Getting Fancy New Crosswalks

WeHo and Long Beach have already improved their street scene. L.A. has a lot of catching up to do

L.A.’s New Diagonal Crosswalks Are Literally Saving Lives

The one in Hollywood is already a huge success

Santa Monica, DTLA Introduce Revolutionary Crosswalks

With pedestrians filling the streets again, the cities work to curb accidents

A CliffsNotes-Style Rundown on the City’s Controversial New Transportation Roadmap

The 2035 Mobility Plan has traditionalists crying Carmageddon. Here's why

Six Excellent Ways to Cross the City on Foot Without Running the Marathon

You don’t have to race 26.2 miles to take in the best sites this weekend

The Great Los Angeles Walk 2014

Every year this free event takes a group of avid amblers across one of the city’s great streets, moving from east to west