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L.A.’s New Voting System Is Getting Harsh Reviews after Super Tuesday Troubles

Long waits and tech glitches made for a less-than-super Election Day
voting los angeles election 2020

Everything You Need to Know About L.A. County’s Newfangled Voting System

Polling places are out, vote centers are in, and the InkaVote system has gone the way of the dodo
how to vote los angeles

How to Make Sure You Definitely Vote in November

Midterms are coming, California, and you better show up

Measure HHH Is the Most Important Thing You Can Vote on Today

If you want your vote to matter, vote yes on HHH

CityDig: See Los Angeles’ Voting Districts in Extremely Fine Detail

This 1924 masterpiece shows the political lay-of-the-land the year Calvin Coolidge got elected

5 Foods We Wish They Served at L.A. Polling Places

Remembering to vote is hard, remembering to eat is not