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How Rude Virtual Humans Are Helping Veterans Re-enter the Job Market

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies developed lifelike interviewers to help prep veterans for what they might encounter in the real world
4th Wall

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From the border wall to the Pyramids to Dodger Stadium, artists are creating site-specific works–from afar

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Children's Hospital Los Angeles is on the cutting edge of VR simulation training

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An L.A.-based entrepreneur and sexual violence-survivor is bringing a fresh solution to life

The L.A. Studios Driving the Future of Virtual Reality

From immersive journalism to DIY moviemaking

An Abandoned Landfill in West Covina Could Become a Virtual Reality Park

The group behind Asia’s biggest theme park wants to build on a former toxic waste dump

Virtual Reality Stock Photos Are Unintentionally Comic Genius

They tried to make headsets look cool and dramatic. They failed