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Vintage Powder Room: Holdfast Hair Pins

What the bob—and multiple inventors—have to do with one of beauty’s greatest products and its mysterious beginnings

Vintage Powder Room: Irresistible Cosmetics Ads

The female designer behind this 1930s beauty print might have been the original selfie artist

Vintage Powder Room: A Book of E. N. Rowell Beauty Boxes

This catalog of face powder, rouge, and lipstick boxes from the 1920s is a gift that keeps on giving

Vintage Powder Room: Monogram Hair Net

What this beauty product has to do with the B movie studios of the 1930s and 40s.

Vintage Powder Room: Henry Tetlow’s Gossamer Face Powder

This is the story of one of the oldest items in Joan Renner's collection of beauty products from the past

Vintage Powder Room: La Bara Face Powder Box

A beauty product perfect for ringing in a New Year—in the 1920s

Vintage Powder Room: Max Factor’s Beauty Calibrator

He may be better known for creating Pan-Cake make up and indelible lip color, but Max Factor is also the man behind this 1930s contraption designed to measure the contours of a woman's face

Vintage Powder Room: Mi-Lady Hair Net

What does this old beauty packaging have to do with L.A. architecture during the 1920s and 30s? Let's take it for a spin

Vintage Powder Room: Raquel Vanity Case

This 1920s make-up case is one collector Joan Renner's favorites. Here's why

Vintage Powder Room: Richard Hudnut’s Deauville Face Powder

Playing with pretty things from the past