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Vintage Powder Room: Sta-Rite Hair Pins

What this 1940s beauty product has to do with American pride

Vintage Powder Room: Miss Freedom Hair Net

This $10 collectible recalls the women of the Greatest Generation

Vintage Powder Room: Hollywood Curler

Before her face appeared on this beauty ad, Betty Burgess was a screen actress hoping for fame

Vintage Powder Room: Mary Garden’s Perfume Ad

This week’s featured collectible is an early 20th century beauty advertisement featuring an opera singer who in 1913 set L.A. abuzz

Vintage Powder Room: Nupcial Face Powder

A look back at bridal beauty in the age of prohibition

Vintage Powder Room: Mannings Stocking Box

The garter belt went from old-fashioned to erotic in the course of a couple of decades

Vintage Powder Room: The Gimbel Hair Net

Never does a woman look more stylish than when she’s pursuing her dreams

Vintage Powder Room: No-Tair Hairnet

Crime history and cosmetics have more in common than you might think

Vintage Powder Room: Avon Lipstick-Sample Card

Once revolutionary, the door-to-door saleswoman is now a footnote in history

Vintage Powder Room: Soul Kiss Samples

Beauty changes with the ages, but romance is timeless