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Coming Face-to-Face with the Night Stalker in Broad Daylight

It was a muggy day in late August 1985, when a creepy guy wearing a black Jack Daniels T-shirt and dirty jeans sidled up to the History Department desk, asking for books on torture and the occult

Thugs with Spoons: The Courtroom Assault of Sergeant Ned Lovretovich

On May 12, 1958, in Department 42 of the Hall of Justice, two punks from East L.A. were on trial for a murder committed during the course of a robbery.

She Went Out for Gas and Was Left for Dead: The Unsolved Story of Diane Sparks

It was Sunday, March 10, 1946, and Barbara Hensley, 11, Mary Young, 8, and a small terrier named Bozo walked to a spot near their homes for a picnic in Van Nuys.

Revenge of the Celebrity Secretary: The Career-Ending Extortion of Screen Star Clara Bow

Clara Bow had appeared in about 40 films by the time she made Wings and It in 1927.
Mabel Monohan

They Did It for Money: The Mob-Style Murder of Burbank Widow Mabel Monahan

If Mabel Monohan’s former son-in-law, Tutor Scherer, hadn’t been a Las Vegas gambler, the 64-year-old widow would never have been murdered.

Manson Murders

    In "Manson: An Oral History," those involved in the murders and their aftermath—Manson's followers, the cops, defense attorneys, and the prosecutor—reconstruct the crimes and speak to the terror they...