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The Locations of L.A.’s 100 Most Memorable Crimes by Neighborhood

The neighborhoods, streets, and addresses that forever hold some of the city’s darkest moments
LAPD ’53

Night at the Museum: True Crime Edition

Get locked up tonight with James Ellroy and Glynn Martin, authors of LAPD '53

Before Bonnie and Clyde, There Was Marie and Dale

The criminal couple died in a shoot out with L.A. police in 1918

Who Shot Silent Film Director William Desmond Taylor?

A prolific director of silent films, William Desmond Taylor was found dead on February 2, 1922.

Gone Girl: The 1953 Disappearance of Stella Darlene Nolan

On June 20, 1953, Ilene Nolan reported the disappearance—and possible abduction—of her eight-year-old daughter, Stella Darlene, in a Daily Bulletin

Mother-in-Law Knows Murder: The Tragic Death of Olga Kupczyk

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann “Ma” Duncan was a doting, hands-on mother. Maybe a little too hands-on, if the rumors that swirled around her were true.

Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Photos from Behind the Caution Tape

Pictures can be more reliable than most witnesses, after all

How Murderess Clara Phillips Became “Tiger Girl”

Love gone wrong turned a former chorus girl and film extra into a cold blooded killer.

A Story Fit for Film: Did Actress Madge Meredith Kidnap Her Manager?

Marjorie Massow was an Iowa City girl but she didn’t want to be one all of her life. She had big dreams, so she moved to Hollywood to make them come true.

The Life and Lies of L.A. Man Killer Louise Peete

By the time she was in her late 30s, Louise Peete had left a trail of shattered lives in her wake from Boston, Massachusetts, to Waco, Texas.