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A History of the Dodgers in the World Series from 1916 to 2018

This year is the 23rd trip to the World Series for the team

The Voices of the Dodgers Sound Off on the Team’s History

Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrín reflect on the team’s early days

11 Die-Hard Dodger Fans on Why Vin Scully is the Greatest

It's the legendary Dodger broadcaster's 67th—and final— season

Only a Real Angeleno Can Distinguish Seasons Based on Sunlight

It rarely rains and almost never snows here, but to the trained eye the shifting seasons are as clear as day

Vin Scully Loves This Magic Moment at Dodger Home Games

His dulcet tones were the voice of L.A. for nearly 70 years. Imagine them now as the long-time Dodgers sportscaster savors his favorite sport

CityDig: This Map Solves the Riddle of the Los Angeles Angels’ 1893 Night Game

Baseball historians have long debated which field in L.A. hosted the team's summertime game under the stars

In the Garden of Isabelle

An Isabelle Greene garden in Pacific Palisades puts on a colorful display all year, from fiery canopies in autumn to verdant swaths in summer. We’re there for the whole show

CityDig: Angels (and Tigers) in the Outfield

While it may sound impossible (and sad), the history of baseball in the Los Angeles goes back even further than the voice of Vin Scully

House of the Month: Dodger Stadium

This house (built in 1962) has a really interesting lawn, no roof and you can get a behind-the-scenes tour for around $20