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Video Sneak Peek: Los Angeles Magazine’s November Style Spread

Go behind the scenes of our David Hockney-inspired November style spread featuring the stars of J.J. Abrams' newest sci-fi drama, Almost Human

Rollerskating Ghosts, Obese Bikers & A Goth Choir: Wayne Coyne and Moby Need Extras for Video

When Wayne Coyne and Moby go looking for extras for a video, they issue the best casting breakdown ever.

Pencil This In: Urs Fischer at MOCA

Crowdsourced clay works, lifesized wax figures melting before our eyes, a house made of bread — there's plenty to see at MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary.

Video: How Nobu Makes a Hand Roll

Nobu L.A. head sushi chef Koji-san demonstrates his technique

Video: How Nobu Makes an Inside-Out Roll

Nobu L.A. head sushi chef Koji-san demonstrates his technique

Hey Girl, I’m In A New Super Violent Movie Trailer

Ryan Gosling says all of two words -- "Wanna fight?" -- in the 1:30 trailer for "Only God Forgives," but he looks every bit as laconic and inscrutable here as he did in "Drive."

$4 Off for M Café de Chaya’s Fourth Anniversary

The Beverly Hills location is celebrating its 4th birthday, and vegan blogger Quarrygirl highlights the Hollywood M Café in her newest video.

Shameful: 13,000+ Perfectly Good Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies Destroyed

CBS 2 uncovers a monumental amount of cookies that were wasted—destroyed by a bulldozer and sent to a landfill—rather than donated to a food bank.

Why Don’t We Eat Bugs?

They're abundant, cheap, full of protein, and enthusiasts say they're darn tasty.

Moby Still Loves L.A. Architecture

Baffling. Byzantine. Fantastically uncohesive. That's how Moby describes Los Angeles. But he also says, "L.A. has the most diverse, interesting architecture of any city on the planet."