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CityDig: Vernon May Be Boring Now, but in the Early 1900s It Was Bumping

In addition to definitely being free, this map shows the city that once boasted the world’s longest bar

Cheap Eats Friday: Pork Gyro Pita at Alexander’s Greek Kitchen

Venture out to industrial Vernon for a homestyle Greek lunch

Slide Show: Inside the Eames Chair Factory

See how some string and a squirt of resin creates a magical chair

Essential T: “Sweaty Tacos” at El Atoron in Vernon… No, Really. They’re Good.

There has been a slow influx of tacos de canasta, or basket taco, vendors over the past five years. Tacos de canasta are a thinner style of taco, usually filled with refried beans, stewed chicharrones in green sauce, or a mash of potatoes with chorizo.