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monty's good burger new koreatown plant-based burger

Monty’s Good Burger in Koreatown Is “Good” for More Than One Reason

A vegan burger popular at Coachella is now being served at a brick-and-mortar on Western Avenue

Going Vegetarian? Here’s How to Care for Your Hair

If the latest meat-related cancer scare has changed your diet, you also need to up your haircare regimen
Processed Meats

A Scientist Who Worked on the World Health Organization’s Report on Red and Processed Meats Answers All Your Burning Questions

Expert Mariana Stern helps us digest the new findings about carnivorism and cancer

Elf Cafe Keeps Tinkering, Adds Brunch

The popular Echo Park vegetarian restaurant expands its menu and its sustainable wine list

Roy Choi Holds Vegetarian “Un-Thanksgiving” Buffet at Commissary

Turkeys everywhere rejoice and flip the bird to pilgrims

Essential T: Wild Green Tacos at Tacos Quetzalcoatl

Vegetarian tacos and more from a Chalmita-style street food find in East L.A.