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15 Minutes With Sammy Hagar

The rocker may be touting his rum brand but LAMag would rather regale him with stories of second row seats to Van Halen and find out how he left things with that band’s late virtuoso guitarist
eddie van halen pasadena

Pasadena Is Getting Set to Unveil an Eddie Van Halen Memorial

On Monday, the late guitar god will be honored with a plaque on Pasadena Civic Auditorium
eddie van halen

Pasadena’s Own Guitar God Eddie Van Halen Has Passed Away at 65

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee battled with cancer for a decade

In 1977, Ted Templeman Went to Check Out an Unknown Band from Pasadena and Changed Rock History

In this exclusive excerpt from his new memoir, the Warner Bros producer recalls the thrills and terrors of recording Van Halen’s debut
Night Club

July’s Music Scene Is a Night Club Time Machine

Vintage acts from Frankie Avalon to Van Halen take the stage this month