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Behind-the-Scenes of Los Angeles Magazine’s Fall Fashion Feature

Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and others inspire our ode to ’70s boho style
Ali MacGraw

Fall Fashion: Folk Tales

Embroidered accessories and statement chokers evoke the simplicity and natural beauty of hippie chic

You Will be Wearing . . .‘70s Threads

A passion for the decade of free love and disco has proved as resilient as polyester

The Luxe Life: Elyse Walker

“My style
 is constantly evolving,
 but there’s always an L.A. twist to it. I’ll mix staples like shredded denim or suede fringe with high-fashion pieces”

Zoolander Gives us Blue Steel in Valentino’s Fashion Show

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made a surprise appearance on the catwalk today

Spring Fashion is on the Loose

Trendsetters have toyed with fringe in the past, but this season they’re swinging to a whole new beat

Character Study: The American’s Elizabeth Jennings

Channel your inner spy with this Valentino leather jacket

Blankets: The Ultimate Deconstructed Overcoat

A cozy throw is all you need this fall

Couture Sneakers Are the Latest Trend in Fitness Indulgences

Luxury athletic wear gets its kicks from major fashion houses