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The Story Behind USC and UCLA’s Shift to the Big 10

The L.A. schools were encouraged by Fox Sports to be part of their TV deals. The decision was made within weeks and in total secrecy

USC and UCLA Set to Leave the PAC 12 for Big Ten by 2024

The latest domino to fall in NCAA conference realignment is the City of Los Angeles.USC and UCLA, members of the Pac 12 and its prior iterations since the 1920s,...

Dr. Feelgood: ‘Bad City’ Exposes Secret Life of Scandalous USC Dean

The Dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine had it all: $1 million salary, sterling credentials, and lucrative research grants. But when a troubled 22-year-old overdosed in a Pasadena hotel suite the 66-year-old had booked for them, Dr. Carmen Puliafito’s double life as a meth abuser and drug procurer should have ended his career. But it didn’t. Not until a relentless Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter, battling USC, the Pasadena police, and his own newspaper’s editors, finally broke the story.

USC in Free Speech Furor Over Student Who Tweeted ‘I Want to Kill Every Motherf-cking Zionist’

School officials say the student’s volatile public outbursts are protected speech, but the faculty isn’t buying it and her classmates say they their lives are being threatened
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More Than 1 in 10 Angelenos Are Still Food Insecure, a USC Study Finds

Roughly one million households in Los Angeles County struggled to put food on the table during the first half of 2021, researchers say
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In L.A. County, Opioid Deaths Spiked During Stay-at-Home in One Particular Demographic

A new study found that opioid-related deaths increased among less-educated white people between March and April 2020
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10 Percent of L.A. County Residents Are Plotting a Move Elsewhere

A new study indicates the number of people who are ready to split has increased 40 percent in two years
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A National Police Misconduct Registry Is Being Developed in L.A.

Named after late congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, the LEWIS Registry is believed to be the first of its kind
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How a Mild-Mannered USC Professor Accidentally Ignited Academia’s Latest Culture War

Dr. Greg Patton's use of a Chinese word that sounds like a slur to American ears led to calls for his dismissal
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As Students Speak Out, USC’s Greek System Reckons with Racism

Inclusivity efforts are underway on the Row, but some students think more radical action needs to be taken