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CityDig: Should I Stop or Should I Go? Early Traffic Signals in Los Angeles

Until the city began experimenting with traffic-control devices, a driver at an intersection relied only on common sense and a set of complicated rules in deciding whether to proceed or wait politely

CityDig: Mapping The San Fernando Valley in 1924

The part of Los Angeles known simply as “the Valley” is shown here before the housing booms and freeways changed the landscape radically.

CityDig: What L.A.’s Cityscape Gained and Lost in 2012

From destroyed neon signs to protected public parks, Esotouric lists the top 25 local preservation stories of last year

CityDig: Los Angeles Attractions of 1946, Compliments of Hav-A-Kar

This cute little fold-up map was handed out at the office of Hav.A.Kar Automobile Rentals at 8th Street and Grand Avenue downtown during the post-war explosion of tourist activity in Los Angeles.

CityDig: A Snowstorm in Los Angeles? It’s Happened.

A White Christmas in L.A. is more than possible; a freak snowstorm that passed over Hollywood on Jan. 22, 1921 dusted the gabled rooftops of the Charlie Chaplin Studios and rendered La Brea Blvd. a slushy mess.

CityDig: W.H.L. Corran’s City of Los Angeles in 1891

This rather Victorian looking map was handed out gratis at the W. First St. offices of "Los Angeles City Directories" publisher W.H.L. Corran in 1891.

CityDig: The Birth of Ralphs Bros. Grocers

George A. Ralphs, a master bricklayer who turned to the grocery business after losing his arm in a hunting accident, teamed with S. A. Francis in 1873 to open the Ralphs & Francis store at Fifth and Hill in downtown Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Sign Gets A Makeover

After nine weeks and more than 3,000 man hours, the refurbishing of the Hollywood Sign is complete!

Get a Sneak Peek of UCLA’s Brand New Pauley Pavilion

Bruins and sports fans alike can rejoice in the reopening of the newly renovated Pauley Pavilion at UCLA. The $136 million project to upgrade the arena started in May 2010 and took approximately 33 months to complete. The doors will finally open for two games this weekend, with the men and women’s basketball teams being the first to compete in the revamped center.

The New Toll Lane On The 110 Might Just Drive Us Over the Edge

The Arroyo Seco Parkway—also known as the 110, the first freeway in the western United States—opened in 1940. Angelenos have since considered it their birthright to roam the region...