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CityDig: From Marshland to Italian Village, The Creation of Naples, Long Beach

Down the coast from Venice, another seaside neighborhood boasts saltwater canals and picturesque bridges reminiscent of Italy’s Mediterranean shore: Naples.

CityDig: Hiking in the Wonderful Mountains of Southern California in 1918

This map was developed with R.H. Charlton, the director of the Angeles National Forest (which was fairly new at the time), to enlighten locals about the rural areas that could suddenly be reached by streetcar in 1918.

CityDig: L.A.’s Oldest Palm Tree

The fan palm guarding Exposition Park’s Figueroa Street entrance is a survivor of three replantings and a witness to more than 150 years of Los Angeles history. This is its story

CityDig: USC in “West Los Angeles” During The Roaring Twenties

The area now called University Park District was known as West Los Angeles in 1921. This Baist Atlas depicts a small, growing campus: USC.

CityDig: Los Angeles’ Forgotten Beer History

As craft brewers embrace ways to establish a connection with Los Angeles past and present, it may be only a matter of time until one taps into L.A.’ underappreciated brewing history to revive a long-dormant local brand: Eastside Beer.

CityDig: The Los Angeles Harbor in The Making

This 1909 map contains plenty of history and hints at how Los Angeles would become the shipping capitol of the West Coast.

CityDig: The Trackless Trolleys of Laurel Canyon

Los Angeles later earned its reputation as a car city, but in the early 20th century it was a laboratory for innovative transportation technologies. In the hills above Hollywood, trackless trolleys brought real estate development to Laurel Canyon.

CityDig: Before the Dodgers, L.A. Had The Hollywood Stars—and Gilmore Field

To celebrate the hopeful beginning of baseball season once again, it seems worthwhile to take a look back at some of the sport’s history in Los Angeles.

CityDig: How Baxter Became One of L.A.’s Steepest Streets

From Dead Man’s Curve on Sunset to the impossibly short on-ramps of the Arroyo Seco Parkway, Los Angeles roadways offer many opportunities for white-knuckled motoring. But perhaps none is as terrifying—or as thrill-inducing—as Baxter Street.

CityDig: The Utopia of Elysian Park Before Dodger Stadium

This official city map captures one of the most colorful and controversial pieces of land in Los Angeles history: 315 acres of rugged hillsides where livestock once roamed.